To get involved in racehorse ownership there are numerous options to choose from at Woodway Farm. You may wish to own a racehorse outright or start out owning or leasing a share of a horse. Whichever you have in mind, you are extremely welcome to view our yard and discuss your requirements and budget. We hope you will be keen to become part of our great team…enjoying the social side of racing and, of course, owning winners!

We will give you friendly, helpful advice on all racehorse ownership admin procedures. We often have horses for sale and always have shares available in horses already at the yard. Owners are also welcome to come with us to the sales if they want to get involved in purchasing a horse of their own. Using top bloodstock agents including Anthony Bromley and Tom Malone, we will assist you in the exciting process of acquiring a new horse. As a new owner you will be able to design the colour and style of your racing silks as well as choosing the horse’s name if it is unraced.

Whether you are an experienced owner, or new to racing, please contact us for more information.



Sole Ownership
You will be the owner of the horse and no one else. As such, any costs and profits will be yours alone. You will also have a close involvement with any of the decisions regarding the horse. You will be able to choose the name of your horse and which colours will be worn in your name.


Co-ownership of a racehorse involves the participation of more than one owner. It is effectively any type of racehorse ownership other than sole ownership. Entering into co-ownership of a racehorse can lead to a number of different variations in how you the owner are involved.

There are 4 types of co-ownership:

Company Ownership

The horse is owned by the company’s shareholders.

Joint Ownership

Can consist of between 2 and 12 individuals.


Can consist of between 2 and 20 individuals.


Existing syndicates run by knowledgeable people.




Rodney Mann: “I’ve had horses with them for some 20 years. We’ve had lots of fun and some great success. Alan and Bob [Baskerville, vet] advised me to buy a horse who went on to finish second at the Cheltenham Festival so that’s not bad! It was also nice to own Lawney’s first winner as a licensed trainer under rules. We’ve become very good friends and it’s a privilege to be able to ride out there a couple of times a week.”

John Basquill: “Alan and Lawney are very good at spotting problems and sweetening up horses. Overlay is very modest but they’ve done a really good job (Overlay won three races in a row in 2012). It’s very satisfying to pick up a cheap horse and win a few races.”

Peter Mellett: “Lawney has helped with my desire to buy a nice young horse and bring him on gently. For someone like me who knew nothing about what to do or who to work with in terms of racehorse ownership, she’s been extremely helpful and used the right people along the way. It’s been absolutely fantastic. Lawney is very astute and I rate her very highly. They are always very accommodating to us as a family and make a lovely bacon sandwich! Their owners day is a super day out. Lawney and Alan are great characters.”