Still Buzzing After Cheltenham Double!

Alan_ProfileI’ve never trained a more honest, likeable horse in my life than Quinz. He’s what everybody dreams of. Andrew Cohen was very kind to send him to us after he’d lost his way under rules and hunting him has really got him going again. He won a Point-to-Point at Larkhill and built on that at Doncaster. I don’t care what the press said that about him that day, we gave Paint The Clouds a race and I knew we were alright.

He was just getting into the race at Aintree – the big target – before he came down. Andrew was brilliant and said to Joe after he got out the ambulance “Right, get your passport, we’re off to Punchestown.”

As we were qualified for the Bonhams however we thought we’d make an entry to have a look. Andrew phoned me on Monday and said “You do know he’s run well at Cheltenham before don’t you? He was once behind Time For Rupert and Chicago Grey in their prime. Forget Punchestown, let’s go to Cheltenham.”

quinz cheltenham

Joe is the luckiest boy going and to ride a Cheltenham winner is a dream come true for him. Andrew has been brilliant to let him ride the horse and Joe appreciates it. If you want to be a jockey, the best way to learn is to ride good horses. He may go to Stratford but I’ll have to speak to Andrew. That might not be his favourite course but he’s honest.

Harbour Court is back! After Newbury I drove home and thought we had him back to where we want him. Everyone crabbed him but I took a different view in thinking it was a very good run. He had a lot of weight that day and the form has worked out well. We had originally thought about the four-miler but the United Hunts was definitely the right race for him.

harbour court

James, who gave him a super ride, said the cheek pieces helped him and made him travel better. It’s very pleasing to get him back and I think we’ll probably be gutless now by winning a Point and putting him away.

I was a lucky boy at Cheltenham a couple of years ago when Harbour Court and Mid Div And Creep gave us a double but Wednesday was very special in that Joe has ridden a Cheltenham winner. Nights like that are what we all work hard for and both horses were very, very honest.