We Send Five To Cottenham On Sunday

Alan_ProfileHappy New Year. We plan to have five runners at Cottenham on Sunday.

Broken Eagle goes to the opening conditions race. Lough Inch, who has won four at the track, will be a formidable opponent but we’ve looked through every race from every angle and cannot find a form line to cross reference a horse with him. We did actually win our maiden there 15 seconds quicker than when they won their maiden there though so there’s every reason to be optimistic.

Broken Eagle is very well and we’d like the rain to stay away between now at Sunday. If we finish within five lengths of winning, we’ll have run a good race but I hope we could go a bit better than that.

Consigliere, unbeaten in Points, defends his record in the Mens Open. We would have to respect No Loose Change after his win at Larkhill but he also has the option of going back there on Sunday instead. The real interesting one is Last Time D’Albain of Fran Nimmos.

The gossip I heard back in October was that they’ve already put the shelf up because they’re going to win the Foxhunters. If he’s that good then we’re going to have an almighty task on our hands. Still, we were impressive there last time and Joe thinks he’s come on 7lb for the run.

The plan is for Victoria to ride Minella Theatre in the Novice Riders race. He stands no chance of winning in that company but the big aim is for her to get round. She schooled him yesterday and is well revved up to get back on the course again.

broken eagle

Sharp Suit goes in the Ladies under Georgina, as Katy is riding for Henrietta Knight at Larkhill. He’s the nicest horse in the world and I rode him the other day and thought he was in very good order. He was impressive there last year but Bound For Glory, who we’ve heard is absolutely wound up, will be the horse to beat. When he’s produced, he will need a couple of slaps and it’ll be very interesting to gauge where he is.

We’ve had to up Cara Carlotta in trip to three miles due to the new age restriction. I would have preferred to stay at 2m 4f personally because she’s quite a gassy, free-going mare and I thought the pace of the race helped Lucy get her settled. We’re going to put a tongue tie on her because it’s showed in her work that she’s just being caught when you go to quicken her.

I hope the mare doesn’t run herself into the ground. She probably ran a bit on her nerves last time but she has had a month between races. I’ll be happy if she finishes in the first four again. I think we’ve got to run 3-4lb better to be involved in the finish.

Alpha Native had an entry but won’t run at Larkhill. He might go to Ampton next week with Harbour Court, who is also penciled in for that meeting. Harbour Court will also have an entry at Sheriff Hutton but the plan is still to take on Moroman at Ampton. If we can’t beat him with a run under our belt, there’s no point going to Cheltenham.

The original plan was to run Velvet Cognac at Cottenham but he had a little set back. He’s back in full work now and either him or Harris Garden will run at Higham.